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Test Drive Your Trainer!

Any significant financial investment comes with a trial period. Personal training definitely falls into that category.  Why would you not just invest your financial resources but a commitment of your time for several months or even years, without meeting with a trainer to see if their style fits your goals and most importantly, you have a good rapport and feel comfortable around them?

Friday, November  16th, you can test drive your personal trainer!

If you’re in the Nashville area, come see why we’re different and if you’re a musician, see just why we can provide you the fitness solutions you need. For one day and one day only, we are offering 30 minute Optimization Sessions for new clients for HALF OFF. Now you have no excuses – what’s $20 to ya?

Click this button to book your 30 minute optimization appointment and enter code TESTDRIVE for your discount!

What will you get in that 30 minutes?

  • initial consultations to go over health history, goals, etc.
  • movement assessment to find out how YOUR body moves and what it needs
  • mini workout that will give you a taste of how our training sessions go and leave you feeling strong, mobile and excited for your day/evening ahead.
As an additional one-time only offer, anyone who signs up for one of our 3-month programs will receive an additional discount, not available at any other time.

Come see why we’re different, as the only musician-specific personal trainer and take control of your health the way you want to, that will increase your revenue and your playing career.

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SCAN THE QR CODE FOR MORE INFO! And don't forget to enter code TESTDRIVE to get your discount!

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