The Joy of a Deadlift Well Done

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Cookie Monster

Image by nickstone333 via Flickr

I came across this video the other day in a post I read from a girl powerlifter.  She also LOVES cookies, and calls herself the “Cookie Monster”.  She is living proof of 3 things:

  1. You can be a female powerlifter and still be feminine
  2. You can be a female who lifts a LOT of weight (like over 200 lbs.) and not get “bulky” – um, she’s TINY, but with fantastic curves (she’s very proud of them).
  3. You can still enjoy cookies and not give them up for life, when you lift and enjoy them occassionally. :)  Read her blog sometime (watch out for her language though, sometimes she’s unedited, and she does that on purpose) and get inspired.

Musings of a Powerlifter « Munchies, Muscles, and Mischief.
Ok, but the point of this post is the video I found of Benedict Magnusson performing, get this, a 1015 lb. deadlift!  I believe he holds the title of world’s strongest man.
[youtube=] There are a few things to notice in this video:

  1. The Power of the Crowd – do you think he could have done this without all the cheering, yelling, encouragement and yes, even the yelling he did himself to psych himself up for the lift?  I seriously doubt it.  Studies have been done on this very effect.  Studies aside, think about it. When you are doing something, anything that’s difficult, don’t you feel like you have the power to outperform even your own expectations because of the encouragement of the people around you?  Now think of a library, or a tennis court; it’s quiet, almost awkard it’s so quiet.  Imagine trying to perform this lift in that kind of atmosphere.  I seriously doubt it could happen.  This is why classes  like my Boot Camp Class are so good for you: you feel motivated, encouraged and you NATURALLY end up doing more because of the people around you.
  2. His form was spot on.  He didn’t “hump” the weight.  No rounding of the back, waggling back and forth, compensating by putting his hips up first, scooping or anything else.  No.  His form was exactly the way it should be with his spine in neutral alignment and his body using the muscles God intended to be used for this lift: his posterior chain,  not his upper back, quads and hip flexors but his hamstrings, glutes and back muscles.  He didn’t have to compensate to look good in front of other people by sacrificing his form to get the weight up.  No, he did it exactly right on the way up AND down.  Did you notice that?  He set it down with perfect form, too!
  3. He set it down with perfect form. He didn’t feel the need to drop the weight from that high instead of setting it down under control (1000 lbs. would probably have left a hole in the floor anyway).   How many people in the gym do YOU see, lifting more weight than they can with good form to convince themselves they are really stronger than they are (when all they are really asking for is a slipped disk) [youtube=] I mean, I can’t even watch this video all the way it makes me cringe so bad. This guy is asking to be paralyzed.  But I see it in the gym every time I go in there.  He’s trying to make himself feel like he’s strong when he has no idea what he’s doing, and he WILL get hurt doing it.  What are the differences between him and Benedikt?  Can you see it?
  4. The smile of satisfaction.  My favorite part of this whole video is when he got the weight locked out at the top and he looks around and smiles; the crowd goes nuts.  That is the look of a man who is satisfied with knowing he didn’t cheat, didn’t compensate, he lifted an INSANE amount of weight without hurting himself and he has every right to gloat.  The guy in the last video has no right to anything but a broken back.

I plan on posting a deadlifting post later, but for now, I just want to share this one because it makes me laugh with happiness everytime I watch it.  Everything about it is what’s good about lifting weight: you’re strong, you’re confident, you’re competent, you have no NEED to gloat about anything because you have control over your body.
Lift on. 🙂

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