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The Musician’s Essential Exercises

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Early in 2019 I released “The Musician’s Essential Exercises” as a downloadable ebook. On Halloween 2019 I’m beyond excited to announce we are in print!

One of the first (If not THE first) book to cover strength training, mobility and corrective exercise as it directly relates the musician, the book covers stretching, implements to use (when and how to use them), basics of weight lifting form, the most essential exercises musicians need, and 3 workouts to include:

The first in a series of books that will cover instrument specific issues, the 75 page book also includes two pages of studies on musicians and exercie. The ebook contains video links to YouTube videos covering some of the exercises, and is available for immediate download. This book, in either format, makes an excellent resource or addition to any musician’s library!

  1. pre/post performance routine
  2. Daily corrective exercise routine
  3. Full routine (for when access to a gym)
  4. BONUS: Tour bus/on the road routine (little to no equipment needed)

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