Hybrid Coaching (Online + 2 hr personal training)



Originally developed for our touring musicians, this works well for everyone who wants the best of both worlds: the freedom to workout on your schedule, with a personalized plan, AND 2 hours a month of personal training to lead you through the workout, provide real time feedback and updates and just kick things up a notch! This is great whether you’re frequently on the road, have an unpredictable schedule or just want the benefits of online training no matter where you live.

Includes 2 1-hour training sessions (in person or via Skype/Zoom/Facetime, etc.) + one month of online training in our free app. The workout is completely personalize and customized to you, no cookie cutter workouts!

Hours not utilized roll over to next month.

Minimum 3 month comittment.


3-month investment = $450/mo

6-month investment  = $425/mo

12-month investment = $400/mo