TRX Suspension Trainer




TRX Sweat Includes:

• TRX Sweat System Trainer with foam grips
• TRX Door anchor
• Suspension anchor
• Mesh carry bag
• Regular foot cradle
• FREE 6 month subscription to the TRX app.

TRX Commercial Model

The TRX Commercial Model features a locking carabineer, rubber handles and a Kevlar equalizer loop for added durability.

• Secure the suspension trainer to any sturdy attachment point and you’re ready to train!
• This stronger, club version is perfect for all training facilities and schools and is designed for high use.
• New locking carabineer allows clubs to keep their TRX suspension trainers locked so they can’t be taken.
• Rubber handles are easy to wipe clean.
• Kevlar equalizer loop prevents any sawing through the nylon straps.
• Easily adjustable barrel locks are lighter and easier to use when adjusting the straps.
• Integrated adjustable foot cradles have neoprene padding.
• Adjusts from 6′ to 9′ in length to accommodate users of all sizes and abilities.
• 1.6″ industrial-grade nylon webbing can hold up to 1000 lbs.

TRX Pro Model

The Pro TRX model was developed to meet the needs of professional trainers.

• TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer
• TRX Door anchor
• TRX Extender

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