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Uncovering The Effortless Musician Within, with Christine Clancy


In this episode Angela and Dr. Jen meets Christine Clancy  of (Effortless Musician). They talked about how "Effortless Musician" started, what is it about and what it offers.

Christine Clancy had a myriad of interests that didn't seem to go together: a flutist who got her bachelor's degree in neuroscience, she is the first American to be certified in Timani - where it all made sense. In this episode, we go deep, uncovering how much isn't your fault as a musician when it comes to the learning process (especially how it relates to the body and phsyical learning) as well as some pedagogical techniques and changing language to learn that tension isn't all bad.

If you've been looking for that bridge between anatomy, nerdy science, pedagogy and music, this is it!

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