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Welcome New Brand Ambassadors!

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Are you sold out on what we do? That musicians can be strong and that strength training is actually a good thing for musicians? Do you believe in our mission to empower musicians with knowledge about how to take care of themselves so they can live their longest, healthiest, pain-free lives and careers? Do you want swag? Do you want to travel? Are you good at social media, conversing with others or just have a big mouth or a platform? 🙂


We have been putting out the word on social media and we’re proud to welcome these new brand ambassadors to Music Strong! Please give them a like and a follow and if you’re interested in being a brand ambassador for us we’d love to hear from you!

Welcome New Brand Ambassadors!

David Cartolano – “The Conditioned Musician” “I’m a musician, personal trainer, exercise physiologist, and student doctor of physical therapy. I truly believe in the power of exercise to help not only shape someone’s body, but their mindset and their ability to cope with challenges in life. Better muscles, better mindset, better music is my slogan.” You can catch him on Insta at @theconditionedmusician and definitely check out his podcasts for the latest musicians crushing it on the fitness scene.

Valerie Speights – violist with an incredible bounce back story: “Having recovered from being over 70% disabled due to playing-induced chronic pain, I’m passionate about injury prevention, conditioning, and passing on what I’ve learned to others. ” Instagram: @whatisvaleridoing

David Margulis – Opera singer and Crossfit athlete/coach with a passion for heavy lifts and high notes. Instagram: @dmtenor25 Really…..does any more need to be said?????

You can submit your application here: Become a Brand Ambassador for Music Strong.

What do Brand Ambassadors do?

  • Promote Music Strong any way they can! Through Social Media, hashtags, picutres, videos, blog posts, word of mouth, advocation in schools, being a go-between, sharing YOUR story, etc.
  • Tag us in everything! Let’s see you wearing your swag (we send it to you!) talking it up, in short, what it means to you and how it helped you and others!
  • Join us at events, trade shows, etc. We are in need of excited, passionate people who believe in what we do to join us at various trade shows conferences, etc. We have one coming up in Nashville on Oct 24, so if you’re local, reach out! And for sure one in Dallas, TX in August 2020, so holla at us!

Wondering what you get? Well, it’s not all work and no reward! See the initial benefits below!

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