What Did You Bring For Lunch? Meatza?

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158065 216811401743968 394705300 nI am extremely excited to announce the launch of a brand new product I highly believe in.  There has been a need for this product for so long, I’m surprised no one thought of it sooner!  The vast amount of people in this country who do not cook for themselves because they are

  1. Intimidated
  2. Don’t know how
  3. Lazy

is astounding.  No longer do you need to be one of the countless masses, ordering pizza every night and wondering why you are still fat.  Let Josh teach you how to cook

  • Brreakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Knife Skills
  • Pan Skills
  • How to boil water
  • The all important Paleo-IF-PSMF-Friendly Meatza recipe!

In fact, why don’t I let him explain this for himself?  You can check out his product over at the website: What Did You Bring For Lunch?

Don’t let the drive-thru get another dollar!

  • Are you tired of wasting your money at fast food restaurants?
  • Do you wish that you could have a home cooked meal that didn’t come from a box?
  • Do you secretly want to cook but have no idea where to begin?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a self cooked meal AND save a few dollars right about now?
They’re both possible and YOU can be on your way to cooking a meal faster than you think!
  “What did you bring for lunch?” is a SIMPLE program that teaches you how to cook.  This is not your ordinary cook book and its not another 30 minute meal knockoff.  
The DVD includes step by step instructions so YOU can master basic cooking techniques that will help you create thousands of meals.
 Follow along as it takes you from the basics of boiling water all the way up to a 3 course breakfast fit for a king!

The included ebook covers shopping for cookware no matter what your budget is!  Detailed guides tell you how to score great equipment for little or no money and what to look for.
Maybe your wallet is bigger than your watch?  No problem!  I’ve done all your homework for you!  Click here to have everything delivered to your door so you can be cooking in a matter of days, AND you won’t spend a fortune!
Unlike other cooking programs I don’t leave out steps or assume that anything is too basic.  My goal was to create a complete program that could benefit people that have never even opened a box of mac n cheese as well as guide those that want to understand the science behind cooking.
Most cooking shows are filmed in a super expensive kitchen where the chef has everything he could ever want at his disposal. Wouldn’t that be nice?!?  Every segment was filmed in the kitchen of my 1100 sq foot pad.  

Needless to say if I can make it work in my tiny apartment you can too! 

  In this tough economic time every dollar counts.  

We’re all looking for ways to save money and food is no exception.  How many times have you decided to save money by eating at home only to find that the recipe was expensive and the food sucked? Don’t let that turn you off from giving cooking another shot.  With What Did You Bring For Lunch I’ll show you how to cook meals that are designed to be taken to work or school the next day (or two). As you build your arsenal of ingredients at home you’ll find you take less trips to the store and have lower grocery bills.

What Did You Bring For Lunch actually pays for itself in 3 weeks!   
I’ve watched my coworkers go out to eat every day for lunch for years.  Rarely do they bring anything.  They spend 20 minutes driving to a restaurant, waiting in line, and then making the “walk of shame” through the front door with their grease soaked bag they call “lunch”.  By the time they sit down and begin to eat I’ve already eaten a delicious home cooked meal and have time to spend my lunch break outside in the fresh air or enjoy a book at the picnic table.  Every day on their way out the door they peer over my shoulder and ask “What did you bring for lunch?”.  Sometimes they come bursting into the break room demanding to know what that fantastic smell is.  
I just smile knowing that my lunch is healthier, tastier and less expensive.

  Let’s get back to saving money, shall we?  What Did You Bring For Lunch really does pay for itself in a few short weeks.  I polled my coworkers and found that the average fast food lunch runs seven dollars. Seven dollars for a combo meal!  Wow!  Most of my meals will run about three dollars.  
Using my system saves you 20 dollars the first week!  
How does putting 80 DOLLARS back in your pocket this month sound?  Pretty good, eh?  Do you have to bring your lunch every day?  No.  Let’s assume you eat out 2 days a week.  This still saves around 40 DOLLARS a month.  Did I mention this is only for lunch?  Once you’re able to cook for yourself dinner will no longer be the expense it once was.

With What Did You Bring For Lunch you’ll be on your way to eating better AND saving money in no time!
I’m not here to give you a fish, I’m here to teach you how to fish. 
My Story
   Let’s skip all the pretentious snobbery involved with cooking and get down to the meat and potatoes, shall we (get it?).  I’m just a regular guy who has a passion for food.  I like food that tastes good and doesn’t take all day to cook.  I work erratic shifts and while I would love to spend all day in the kitchen cooking I simply can’t.  I live alone so there’s no one to make me food if I’m hungry.  Cook or starve!  It all started when I was about ten years old.  I remember cooking my first meal one summer.  It was chicken breast and potatoes.  The chicken was tough and the potatoes were WAY underdone.  I cooked it myself and was proud even though it tasted like crap.  I kept making the same meal over and over again until it tasted right.  I tried to understand what the food was doing so I could replicate it time after time.
   Fast forward to high school.  I come from a busy family and my parents were often at work and/or traveling for work.  I decided to put my cooking skills to use and make dinner for myself so that I could save my money and not starve.  This served me well as I continued this tradition in college and on into adulthood. 
Now I want to share what I’ve learned with you. 
My method of teaching is simple; let’s work together. 
How It Works
The videos are shot in my kitchen and I explain each step so you can follow along at home. 
With the included Ebook you’ll have all the specifics so you can make the recipe by using the skills you learned at the beginning of the video.  
The skills that are taught will help you make the recipes I’ve included and inspire you to make your own meals.  
What Did You Bring For Lunch? builds on itself so once you’ve mastered the basics the sky is the limit.  
The Ebook includes a section on how to create your own dish using the skills you’ve learned.

What’s on the DVD?

  • potatoes
  • eggs
  • bacon
  • crumbled sausage

Cheeseburger Soup
    use as a template for constructing your own soup recipes
    savory Mexican style pork
Chicken Wings
    watch the game at home and save a bundle
    a meat based pizza? It can be done and it IS delicious!
Greek Yogurt
    It’s easier (and cheaper) than you think
    Just like mom’s!
How To’s
Care for your cookware

  • Washing it properly.

Cutting Board Basics

  • Save time and effort by mastering your knife

Ground beef

  • It’s a staple in many recipes so why not learn to do it right.


  • How exactly do I use this pan anyway?

Boil Water

  • There’s slightly more to it than it sounds. Slightly.

Cook Vegetables

  • Caramelizing has nothing to do with cake.

I’ll give you the knowledge if you’ll provide your own imagination.  Let’s make dinner together!
Order Now!

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