When You Don’t Know What to Do, Just DO!

Ah…..the wonderful feeling you get from relaxing, taking a break, doing nothing… Which can turn into the feeling of “ugh, I feel awful for doing nothing for so long!” And there are few things more wonderful (to me) the the feeling of working out after a LONG break – remember how the muscles feel to be used, the feeling of effort, of strain, of strength coming back. Ah yes, working out is good. But sometimes, you don’t have a plan. Or the plan you were doing you realized, just doesn’t fit you, fit your schedule, fit your life anymore, so then what?

Sometimes, it’s better to just DO and figure out the specifics later.  Sure, you can have a periodized, progressive training plan that will help you reach your goals, but sometimes, it’s ok to ignore it, or when you’re in between programs or if you don’t have TIME to do that program, just doing something is better than nothing.

Today, I give you two options.
The first is from NASM and is a bodyweight circuit training program.  This is great if you want something you can tailor to the amount of time you have, you don’t particularly care what you do, you just want to MOVE.


You can go through this as many times as you want – or you can go through it once and call it a day.  Either way, you’ve got something on paper that will get your heart rate up and make you feel good about yourself.

Option 2:
This is a template that you can use with whatever time, equipment or space you have available.

A1. Vertical Push
A2. Vertical Pull
A3. Horizontal Push
A4. Horizontal Pull

  • If you have the equipment to go really heavy, first set, do anywhere from 1-5 repetitions depending on how heavy a weight you have. Go as heavy as you can with good form.  Rest 1 minute in between sets.
  • Second set: decrease the weight slightly (or, if you only have bands and no varying weights, change the tempo so that the tempo goes a little faster) and increase the reps to 8-10
  • Third set: decrease weight or increase tempo even more and go 15-20 reps.

Options: add in 30 seconds of plyometrics at the end of each round: Jump squats for example.  So, a sample dumbbell routine using different weights might be:

A1. Standing DB Shoulder Press Set
1: 5 reps 25 lbs.  Set 2: 10 reps 15 lbs  Set 3: 20 reps: 10 lbs
A2. Romanian DB Deadlift
A3. DB Floor Chest Press
A4. Bent Over DB Row

Option with bands:
A1. Kneeling Band Shoulder Press  Set 1: 5 reps  slow tempo (4 up, hold 4, down 4)  Set 2: 10 reps mod tempo (222)  Set 3: 20 reps quickly but controlled (111)
A2. Kneeling Band Pull Down (need door attachment for band)
A3. Band Resisted Split Squat
A4. Seated Band Row (around feet or in door)

And of course you can always add in some things for fun like bicep curls if you feel like it 🙂
I should make mention here that this can be done for upper body alone, or you can take the planes of motion and apply them to lower body, thinking “quad dominant (i.e. pushing)” or “hamstring dominant (i.e. pulling)”
Bodyweight version more emphasis on lower body:

A1. Bodyweight Squat (set 1: see tempos listed above, etc.)
A2.Kneeling Bodyweight GHR
A3. Walking Lunge (with twist, kick, in place, around the clock, with step, take your pick!)
A4. 1-legged Hip Thrust
(links are to videos)

Enjoy and let me know your favorite (“Just Do It” Workout!)

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