Being a musician does not mean living with pain!

“Workouts for Musicians”

One Hour Workshop Why should musicians be concerned with exercise or strength training?  Beyond the obvious, there are some scary statistics and the most recent research shows up to 93% of musicians can become injured as a direct result of playing their instruments. This basic lecture will cover the statistics and the basics of what you can do prevent injury in yourself and your students. Students of this workshop will have the option to participate in stretches, activation exercises and movement drills.

If you are a school looking to fulfill your NASM accredidation requirements, this workshop fulfills that requirement.

Student limit: 25

"Becoming Music Strong"

Two Hour Workshop/Lecture This comprehensive workshop will go beyond the basics.  After covering the scary statistics of why musicians especially need strength training, we will cover the essentials of musician's exercise, finishing with going through an entire workout from start to finish.

Topics to include:

  • body awareness training
  • basic anatomy as it relates to instrument playing
  • most common needful stretches
  • activation exercises for most common weak muscles
  • integration exercises
  • pre and post-practice/performance routines

Student limit: up to 30.
If more students are interested than there is space, additional sessions may be offered in the same weekend to accommodate the numbers interested.

Faculty Appointments

Sometimes you need more than the basics, you need ongoing help.  Whether you have a weekend or a week long band or instrumental camp or need someone as a faculty resource on your staff for the university, we can help in a variety of ways.  Contact me for specifics and options.