Workshop At Belmont University School of Music

Recently, we were delighted to be asked to present at the Belmont University School of Music on our workshop of injury prevention for musicians. We have workshops in 1-2-3 hour increments. This was the two hour workshop and the students came excited and eager, enthusiastic and engaged and not only did we have a lot of fun, we learned a lot.

Currently I’m in Phoenix at the NASM OPTIMA conference: a 3 day advanced continuing education conference for fitness professionals. I’ll be learning everything from the latest in neck rehab to helping those with joint replacements, to low impact high intensity cardio! It’s a HUGE recharge to my fitness career batteries, as it reminds me how much I love to help people, musicians especially, and being around so many passionate, like minded, humble and SMART trainers and professionals is just the thing I need to keep me going. We’re a small but dedicated bunch and I’m glad to see it growing!

Immediately after this, I’m headed to Durango, Colorado to be the artist in residence at Ft. Lewis College! I’ll be giving my 3 hour workshop on Becoming Music Strong, a flute masterclass and a flute recital. All my workshops help meet the National Association of Schools of Music requirement for accreditation, and I am taking requests for 2020, so drop me a line! Here are some pictures from Belmont, hope you enjoy!

Setting up the PowerPoint
Angela McCuiston
Excited to start in a little while!
Belmont Students
Students are learning how to use SMR to release tight chest muscles and they love it!

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