Creating Bullet Proof Wrists in Guitarists

In Corrective Exercise, Fitness, personal training by Angela

How many times have you been on stage and felt that “ache” on your wrist that goes from occasional to frequent?  Pretty soon you find yourself having to alter your playing style, your posture, your set list, or maybe even talking more between songs in search of rest. Hopefully this isn’t you, but don’t be surprised if you just felt …

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Fitness for the Non-Athletic Musician

In media/podcast/interviews, personal training by Angela

Do you have to be an “athlete” to benefit from fitness training as a musician? After we got the comment “I love this new community of musicians who are talking about the physical aspects of playing, but I admit I get discouraged because so many stories are of people who already enjoyed a level of physical activity and just needed to learn how to channel it into staying conditioned for their instrument…I struggle just to want to move my body at all.”

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2021 Personal Training Special

In Entrepreneurship, personal training by Angela

New Year’s Special Just For My Nashville Locals! Haven’t we been through enough Nashville fam? That’s why this deal is just for you. (Ignore the January 15 deadline, both deals are good through the end of the month!) Valid at my Nashville location at Next Level Fitness 1917 Church St. only. 5 minutes from Music Row in Midtown, you can …

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Keep It Simple!

In Corrective Exercise, Fitness, Flute, personal training by Angela

Happy New Year! Welcome to the time where people make resolutions on all kinds of things; from losing weight to saving money. If you’ve made any kind of health related resolution this year, I commend you! There’s no time like the present to make your dreams become reality. By the time you read this, you may have already long given …