How to Make Your Own “Body Blade”

In Corrective Exercise by Jomari Mediana

Did you see my other article on the Bodyblade? Well, if you don’t have one, you can make your own! If you need to make your own body blade all you’re going to need is a stick and some bands. Put the band into a door and shut it. Put the band around the stick then perform your exercises as …

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Taking the Pain out of the Piccolo

In Corrective Exercise, Fitness, Flute, Pedagogy and Teaching by Angela

This article was originally published in 2014 and was based off the wildly popular presentation I did with GySgt.(Ret.) Cynthia K. Rugolo of “The President’s Own” Marine Band at the National Flute Association convention in Washington DC in 2015. Both piccoloists, both in military bands and both invested in musician’s health (I took over her position as chair of the …

Creating Bullet Proof Wrists in Guitarists

In Corrective Exercise, Fitness, personal training by Angela

How many times have you been on stage and felt that “ache” on your wrist that goes from occasional to frequent?  Pretty soon you find yourself having to alter your playing style, your posture, your set list, or maybe even talking more between songs in search of rest. Hopefully this isn’t you, but don’t be surprised if you just felt …

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How To Foam Roll

In Corrective Exercise, Fitness by Angela

So you have a foam roller, but do you know what to do with it? I like to call a foam roller “the poor man’s massage therapist”. While in no way can a foam roller take the place of an LMT, it definitely can help keep your tissues supple and mobile. Guidelines: use this as a routine by itself or …

Your Hips Are A Hinge

In Corrective Exercise, Fitness, Flute, Travel, Workshops by Angela

This article was originally written as a recap after a presentation at the Florida Flute Association Convention. It is such a joy to me to get to be able to personally walk people through the mechanics of fitness and learning how to properly use their bodies to better play their first instrument, their bodies, before picking up the flute. Speaking …

Strength Is a Solution for Hypermobility

In Corrective Exercise, Fitness, Resources by Angela

No warm up…I hadn’t done on in forever and I’m 37 in this video Hypermobility: something I’ve struggled with in one way or another over the years. (How many 37 yo you know can flip a back bend with no warmup?) What is it? An excessive range of motion in the joints. While most people trainers deal with have the …