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FItness For A Musician BY a Musician

Did the video above sound familiar to your situation?

How many times have YOU been told to “just stop playing”?

When a baseball pitcher throws out his shoulder or a soccer player pulls a hamstring, do you tell them to quit the sport? 


You rehab them, make them stronger and send them back out.


Musicians are different

Did you know up to 90% of musicians will experience playing related pain or injury?  If not you, then someone you know, and if not now, then more than likely later!  

We suffer in silence, thinking that:

  • Pain is just part of it
  • If I tell anyone I won’t get hired
  • If I rest it will get better or go away
  • The next step is surgery
  • I just have to play until I can’t anymore and then I’ll get a J-O-B
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These are NOT true!  
There is such a stigma around musician’s injuries and playing related pain, but the reality is it effects most of us and it’s time for us to change the narrative around it by TALKING about it.

There are a LOT of things you can do if you have pain, but ignoring it won’t fix it.  And you can’t just stretch, either!

If you only stretch what’s tight, and never strengthen what’s weak (or needs more endurance!) the cycle of pain and disfunction will continue.

This is where I come in. 

Musician-specific personal training takes into account your instrument, lifestyle and the unique muscle imbalances you have when designing a fitness program for you.

Do you have?

  • cramping and weakness
  • nagging pain
  • an ache that starts when you play (maybe behind your shoulder blade or in your arms?)
  • pain that starts when you play but now is all the time
  • fatigue, low energy, low creativity
  • numbness or tingling
  • crunchy or pinching shoulders
  • low back pain

I can help with all of these!

You wouldn’t trust your instrument to just any repair tech, don’t trust your body to just any personal trainer.  

See the options I have below and click the button to book your FREE movements assessment today.  (If you are not local, click “we come to you” to schedule a virtual time – or send me a text/phone call and the number above!)

Personal Training Options

I offer one-on-one packages at our two locations: Midtown Nashville  and Berry Hill.  Both are personal training only facilities. This option is also available remotely via online video (like Zoom or Skype).

Balcony Ticket:

  • Up to 4 1-hour sessions a month.

    VIP Ticket:

    • Up to 8 1-hour sessions a month.
    • Your written workout delivered daily in a free app for you to access.
    • All instructions and videos.

      All Access Backstage Pass:

      • Unlimited 1:1 sessions in person or virtually.
      • Your written workout delivered daily in a free app for you to access.
      • All instructions and videos.
      • Nutritional Guidance.
      • Goal Setting, habit tracker and accountability.

      I also specialize in post physical therapy and post-op strength training, senior fitness, Cancer fitness, overall strength, mobility and pain management. I have several health professionals on our team  that can provide you the individualized, comprehensive approach you need.

      Perfect for those who don’t live locally to Nashville but want a musician-specific training plan.   

      I have several options available.  See the “online coaching” tab for more information or click here:

      A tour takes a LOT of people, everyone from the tour manager, lighting crew to sound/audio crew to the band. Take us on the road with you to have the best tour of your life!

      What you get:

      • Personalized training programs for everyone on staff
      • Individualized and/or group workouts 
      • Pre-performance warm-up routines designed to give everyone a great show!
      • Neurokinetic therapy sessions using manual muscle testing to find out what muscles are over/under working and fixes for each, bringing everyone back into balance 

      Inquire for pricing details.


      Combining 1-on-1 coaching sessions with online training, this is the perfect option for those who want a few hours of 1-1 training a month with the freedom to workout with a personalized plan on their own. Ideal for those with unpredictable schedules or who travel a lot.  See more information on our online coaching page here.

      Two different options, the question is: do you want a workout that’s already written for you, or do you want the knowledge of how to achieve job security as a musician and avoid injury in the first place?

      The Covid Comeback is a 6 week intense or 12 week comprehensive workout plan that will build your strength, stamina and prevent injury through strength training.   More info HERE

      The Group Coaching option is a 9 week course done at your own speed, with group coaching calls every week.  More info HERE.