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Fitness for the Non-Athletic Musician

So you may or may not know that I have a podcast.

Along with Dr. Jen Kabbas (a clarinetist and strength coach of Tuned and Toned Performance) we created the Tuned and Strong Podcast . You can find our full playlist of each episode here on YouTube

Do you have to be an “athlete” to benefit from fitness training as a musician? After we got the comment “I love this new community of musicians who are talking about the physical aspects of playing, but I admit I get discouraged because so many stories are of people who already enjoyed a level of physical activity and just needed to learn how to channel it into staying conditioned for their instrument…I struggle just to want to move my body at all.”

Musicians seem to fit into one of two categories (usually)

  1. non-athletic and/or don’t do much exercise
  2. LOVE exercise and are always doing something

But with what we see on social media (especially Instagram and YouTube) there can be a lot of pressure to look, move, act and EXERCISE a certain way – and that isn’t necessarily appropriate for musicians. Just wanting to feel secure in your body and wanting to move your body is ALSO a worthy goal!

That statement hit home, so we address that topic fully as well as being fit vs. looking fit.

Love to hear your comments and ideas (and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button!). And if you’d like some more specific help reach check out My ebook(or print book) or my downloadable workouts – you most definitely do not have to be an athlete to benefit from them.

Stay Music Strong!

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