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Changes are A-Comin’!

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I’m happy to announce that there are some great changes coming to Music Strong and Panama City Beach Boot Camp in the VERY near future.  We are completely re-designing our training packages at Music Strong and I’m happy to share that for my online clients you are getting a brand-new feature.  When you sign up with me, after your initial session where I give you a free assessment, you will be able to log into HFPN, HFPN web transparentthe online platform that will allow you to see your workouts, in detail (and on a calendar so you know exactly what you are doing each day), complete with videos, coaching cues and more.  It even allows you to track your steps, log your food, customize your goals and see your progress on a chart!
This brand new feature is already available! – so if you’d like to sign up, you can purchase your plan on the Shop page under “Online Personal Training”.  Cost is $100/mo and includes all of the above: HFPN log-in with workouts, initial Skype session, free assessment, constant email contact and encouragement and when you sign up, you’ll be billed on a continual monthly basis, allowing you to progress quickly and evenly through your workouts, seeing strength gains, balance improvements and body weight falling off (or coming on depending on your goals) with the convenience to cancel anytime.  Suggested minimum time for most improvement is three months.
CIMG0271As for the Panama City Beach Boot Camp – we are completely redesigning the program.  Classes have been put on hold while these changes are taking place, but keep a look out here, and on the camp website: for updates on when classes will resume with all the great new changes. You can look forward to

  • updated classes with more flexibility
  • more times
  • new  locations
  • discounted pricing.

You’ll know when all the different classes will be each month, and we will be hosting regular “Get Fit Challenges” along with

  • beginners specific classes
  • advanced classes
  • women’s only class
  • possibly even a new mom’s class.

If you have suggestions you would like to see added to the classes, please feel free to contact me at or through this website.  Thank you to those who have already given me great ideas, you will see them in action soon!
On an additional note, please keep a lookout for a very special Deal of the Day through the News Herald for both the Panama City Beach Boot Camp classes and my personal training.
We will keep you updated as things change!  Thank you for your patience, your encouragement and I want you to know that I am always here for you.  I want to see you achieve your dreams and leave the healthiest, pain-free life you can.

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