Dry Needling for Musicians

What is DRy Needling?

In this blog, we discussed “DRY NEEDLING” with Peak Tempo PT Dr. Abby Daunis. She is a physical therapist here in Nashville, Tennessee specializing in athletes especially triathletes and runners.

Abby is a physical therapist who specializes in orthopedics. She earned her doctorate from Texas Woman’s University, School of Physical Therapy in 2013.  She has worked as an outpatient physical therapist since that time.  Abby is certified in dry needling, Kinesiotaping, SFMA level 1, and USATF level 1.  

Abby is a lover of endurance sports. She is a runner and triathlete.  She has completed three marathons and multiple half-marathons, 10Ks, and 5Ks.  She competes in triathlons ranging from sprint distance to Half Iron Man distance.  She thoroughly enjoys treating endurance athletes and helping people return to sport and recreation.

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We will cover all kinds of things from nerve entrapment to what numbness and tingling means, who to see, how PT and training work together and how strength training benefits musicians.

She’s been helping me, as a musician, I’ve been going through some cervical radiculopathy. It has something  to do with, some compression here in my neck from too many car accidents. And I’m calling it the fourth injury I’ve had from playing the flute. It started with the car accidents, but then after that, being a hyper mobile person, it all happened when I was carrying a heavy backpack through the Atlanta Airport, like 50 pound backpack for two days.

I was cramming for a recital on alto flute and I was trying to get started in doing push ups and preparing for my army physical fitness test. It was going okay, but it was just too much too soon and something had to give and I already had some issues with my neck. So what happened was that I had some compression in the discs and now I can’t feel my fingers but it’s getting better and that’s the situation that Abby’s gonna talk about:

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