Strength Is a Solution for Hypermobility

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No warm up…I hadn’t done on in forever and I’m 37 in this video

Hypermobility: something I’ve struggled with in one way or another over the years. (How many 37 yo you know can flip a back bend with no warmup?) What is it? An excessive range of motion in the joints. While most people trainers deal with have the opposite of this problem (hypomobility: lack of mobility) the hypermobile person I feel like needs just as much, if not more attention.

Example: during an Overhead DB Press, I literally watched as both my shoulder popped out of socket, and back in, with no pain. Freaked me out big time. Stability exercises for the shoulder/rotator cuff could have prevented that.

Solutions for hypermobility as it relates to core (to include pelvis and shoulder joints).

Hypermobile persons can have muscle compensations just like any other person (myself: hip imbalance) so be careful when stretching. Strength is SO important to keeping a person stable! One of my favorite exercises? Planks and all the variations. For this one: put your hands directly underneath the shoulders, pull the scapula towards the hips, tuck the pelvis and squeeze glutes and abs. Try to do the touches without moving the hips.

What are your experiences with being hypermobile? Lately I’ve been training a lot of people with it, and females tend to be more hypermobile than men, so it’s no surprise my last 3 clients with this are all female.

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