Life in the Pit

Life in the Pit

If you’re a pit musician, this podcast is for you!  I was recently honored to have been a guest on this podcast.

His podcast is devoted to the lives and experiences of instrumental musicians who play for musical theatre. Listeners can hear the stories of what goes on in “the pit” and aspiring musicians can learn what it takes to become a pit musician.

We might not be discussing performance on Episode 70, but don’t skip this week, because a reported 90% of musicians will go through some kind of performance-related injury in their career.  Angela McCuiston is determined to see that number go down because of her services as a personal trainer for musicians through her company, Music Strong.  Angela is not only a trainer, but she plays flute, alto flute, and piccolo and is an experienced pit musician who lives in Nashville.  In this episode, we discuss the common physical problems of various musicians and some of the things that can be done – David Lane

You can check the original podcast HERE!

Also, don’t forget to visit Tuned and Strong Podcast for more strength, wellness and fitness in relation to musicians, artists and performance related topics.

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