Music Strong is Moving to Nashville

Yes, you heard me correctly.  The Lord has really opened up a lot of great opportunities for Music Strong in the Music City and come early to mid August I will be moving to Nashville.  I will be teaching flute lessons in several area schools and have plans to really promote the mission of Music Strong – empowering musicians to live their healthiest, most mobile, pain-free lives through strength training.
Several opportunities have presented themselves, some of which I am not at liberty to talk about yet, but I am also excited about auditioning for the Nashville Symphony 3rd flute/piccolo position. I have a true passion for piccolo and to play in the symphony would be a wonderful dream to me.
What does this mean to you?
To my current and prospective Panama City, Florida in-home training clients:
What this means is that due to obvious distance constraints, after July I will no longer be offering in-person in-home training as an option for Panama City.  I have really enjoyed my time with all of you, seeing the improvements you have all made in body composition, life outlook, mobility, etc. and I will miss our weekly sessions.  If you would like to continue with me, I do have an online training option that is open to you.  What this entails are monthly Skype sessions where I will continue to give assessments and check your form on exercises (if you have Skype on your phone you can demonstrate said exercises to me over the phone or computer), you will continue to receive your monthly plans, tailor made and individualized to your unique needs, weekly or bi-weekly phone consults to keep you on track and of course, unlimited texting and email support in whatever areas you should need it.  I do know of at least one other trainer in the Panama City area with an NASM certification (also certified by Venice Nutrition) and should you wish to contact her, her name is Lisa Carter Mitchell and she would be happy to help you with your in-person training.  As I learn of more, I will be happy to refer.
Other trainers, feel free to leave a message and let others know you are there, I’m sorry I didn’t know about you!
To my prospective clients in Nashville
I am currently accepting online clients for online training and come August, I will be available for in-person training.
I will have the ability to train you in your home or, to get the best workout possible, Music Strong has partnered up with Next Level Strength and Conditioning in Hermitage.  We are VERY excited about this opportunity and are really looking forward to getting started training at NLSC.  It is a small, private gym, tucked out of the way of the hustle and bustle of things but still very close to Nashville, just off I-40 W.
Many options are in the works, details coming soon as things are finalized.  If you are interested in training with me, please post here or send me an email at to let me know what type of training and when you are interested in starting.  Musicians – you are my target group and I am ESPECIALLY interested in helping you.  We are unique athletes and should be treated as such.  As a classically trained, professional musician myself, I know the unique demands of our art and it is my goal to help all musicians live healthy, pain-free lives through strength training.  The benefits are beyond compare, benefits you cannot get from yoga or running alone.  Please contact me and let’s get started!
To my students:
After July, I will not be offering in-person lessons. However this does not mean that our lessons are over.  I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching all of you and if you would like to continue taking lessons with me, all you need is a computer with Skype and a webcam.  I have been teaching lessons via Skype for almost 2 years now with no problems and it is a great way to continue on getting the personalized attention and instruction you need.
Emerald Coast Flute Choir
The plans are that after July I will no longer be the leader of this group.  However, the group is growing and the interest is there.  The members all really enjoy it, so I believe it may continue with Mr. Ernie Brock as the leader, though this has not been finalized.  Please contact me if you are interested in joining the flute choir.
My orchestras: The Panama City Pops and Sinfonia Gulf Coast
Pops: You all have heard the announcement of my move.  I am unsure if I will be vacating the Principal chair or not, as my husband is not moving with me immediately and I will obviously be down to visit, I may be able to continue playing with the Pops for awhile.  If this does not come to fruition, I have already secured a replacement flutist; a wonderful, talented musician, Sue Parsons from Tallahassee, who will do a marvelous job in the chair.
Sinfonia: Barring getting into the NSO, I would love to keep my chair with you all.  With the number of concerts and rehearsals we have, I believe this is fully doable.  As stated before, my husband will be staying in Panama City for the time being and as I will be down to visit, I can certainly find a way to time my visits around concerts.  I have thoroughly enjoyed playing with Sinfonia and look forward to many more seasons!
Panama City Beach Boot Camp
Boot camp was a fun experiment to try to get a group fitness class established. Whether the times or days were inconvenient, or just the fact of not reaching the right people, the lack of interest in the class has forced me to quit the camp.  We may resurrect boot camp if I get enough interest.  I do have an indoor location to be used and as for the outdoor location, early morning really is the only option as the afternoon temperatures can be sweltering come end of May.  If you are interested in signing up for boot camp class, please send me a message at and let me know.  If enough interest is shown, we will revive the class up through July.
PC Beach Boot Camp may also be getting a new instructor to carry on after I leave, I will post more details on the boot camp website at as they come happen.
Again, thank you Panama City for the amazing time I have spent there; allowing me to form a flute choir, attain my certifications, begin Music Strong and teaching me so many other things.  The time has come to move on and I am immensely looking forward to my move to Nashville!See you in August!

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