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Perform Better is where I get almost all of my training equipment; all kinds of bands, tubing, weights, you name it. What is great about this company is that no job or order is too big or small. You can order just a foam roller for yourself or you can contact them to help outfit your new gym or facility with all new equipment. They frequently have really great sales that include free shipping, so check back often!
A few of my favorite items from them:

  • mini bands
  • super bands
  • resistance tubing
  • foam rollers
  • Val Slides
  • Gymboss
  • Plate Mates (magnetic fractional plates, you will LOVE these!)
  • weighted vests

If this wasn’t enough you can also purchase educational materials from them like books and DVD’s and what is really great is that they have their own seminar series: the Perform Better Summits including these different seminars:

  • one day learn seminar
  • FMS1 Functional Movement Screen Workshops
  • SummitLogo09sm
  • Resultsfit Results Business Seminars (Including the well-known “From Counting Reps to Counting Revenue” with Rachel and Alwyn Cosgrove. They own Results Fitness; Rachel has authored the book “The Female Body Breakthrough” and Alwyn has co-authored all the “New Rules of Lifting” books with Lou Schuler)
  • BRlogo Battling Ropes Certification

So as you can see, they are WAY more than just a place to buy equipment. They have partnered with some of the top names in the business and they are here to help you be you a weekend warrior, newbie or trainer yourself.showban.asp?id=4288&img=PB Logo md
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showban.asp?id=4288&img=pb banner 300x250 9 28 2010

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