Activating a Weak Rotator Cuff Using the Body Blade

Have you heard of the BodyBlade? It looks deceptively easy, but if you have any muscle weakness you’ll be shocked how difficult it is to control. This is an excellent tool for activating the weak muscles of the rotate cuff which can be especially painful in musicians such as flutists, guitarists, string players and pianists. 

Start out with 5 sets of 5 repetitions and gradually increase to 1-2 minutes each.

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Don’t have one? You can click the link above to buy your own or you can click here for how to make your own. 


  1. Fantastic. I have shoulder impingement on both sides Plus my left hand tingles with numbness if I hold it up. Would you recommend this or more static strengthening arm and shoulder poses? Also where does one buy the shoulder blade you are using the video?

    1. Great question! Have you seen a PT? I would recommend some radial/ulnar nerve flossing exercises first. You want to rule out the problem stemming from your cervical spine. If the exercises don’t help, there’s a higher likelihood it’s a cervical spine issue. That being said, KNOWING your have shoulder impingement I would definitely recommend this item – I think it’s a fantastic way to activate weak rotator cuff muscles, along with other strengthening exercises. As for where to find them, you can get them at Perform Better (keep a lookout for regular sales): (will post a link soon)

      Or you can find it on Amazon here:

      There are several versions, this is the one I was using in the post, please let me know how it goes for you!

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