Podcast Interview with The Conditioned Musician

I found David on Instagram and knew instantly he would be an amazing resource. He’s a musician, ACSM certified personal trainer AND getting his doctorate in physical therapy because he wants to be a personal trainer for musicians. I’m happy to have him as a brand ambassador for Music Strong and really wish he lived closer so we could cross refer (strength training and PT go REALLY well together!). He started a podcast recently where he interviews all kinds of musicians who are also in the health field, including a body building opera singer, an MMA fighting/weightlifting multi-instrumentalist, and Crossfitting/Yoga teacher flutist (Practice Room Yoga if you haven’t seen her yet!)

I was honored to be interviewed on his podcast the other day and I talk about how I got started in music and also how Music Strong was born. Give him a follow on IG and subscribe to his podcast if you haven’t yet!

You can hear the entire episode below!

Listen here on Spotify!

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