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Podcast Interview with The Rock Doctor

Call it what you will: musicians health and wellness, performing arts medicine, etc., but whatever you want to call it, the field is growing and I am SO excited to see it gaining such great traction! Almost every day it seems like, I meet another musician who is forging their own path in the field, giving people more resources to take charge of their own health and allowing them to be better musicians than ever.

One of those awesome people is Mike Schwartz and he graciously interviewed me on his podcast the other day. A caveat before you listen to it – we could see each other (you, unfortunately won’t have that luxury) and we both got REALLY excited and fed off each other’s excitement, going down more than one rabbit hole because WE GET EACH OTHER. The other caveat is that because our excitement was so great, we ended up talking over each other a couple times, and as you know, that doesn’t work so well over the internet – there are a couple of times it sounds like we are interrupting each other because there’s a delay and if we were talking in real life, that probably wouldn’t so much be the case.

That being said, we are hoping for some great collabs in the future! Will keep you updated, but without further delay, here is our episode. You can download it wherever you normally listen to podcasts – so give him a listen and a subscribe, because he’s ALWAYS throwing good knowledge your way!

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