Stop Giving This Advice to Musicians

You know what really grinds my gears?
Musicians telling each other to just
"rest and stretch"

You’re well meaning, but stretch what? What if what hurts hurts because it’s OVER stretched? (more common than you might think. Rest? Sometimes yes, but if the issue is chronic, rest won’t help and can also make problem worse. PLEASE stop giving this advice because you don’t know!! Watch to see what I mean and what you can and should say to help your fellow musicians!

If you have pain that doesn’t go away with rest, it’s obviously not going to get fixed with MORE rest.

So many times the muscles that hurt are the muscles that are OVER-stretched and weak.

I’ve got programs that deal with this – from instrument specific workouts to 1:1 personal training and even a group coaching program that teaches you how to avoid this issue all together.

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