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Teaching Safe Strength In the Studio – Virtually!

I’m delighted to be a part of the Florida State Music Teacher’s virtual conference this year giving my presentation “Teaching Safe Strength Training in the Studio” .

What we cover:

With the latest research stating that up to 93% of musicians will experience playing related pain and/or injury, establishing good habits and movement in the studio is more important than ever. This workshop will empower you with the basic tools you need to identify muscle compensations in your students and help address them with basic exercises you can safely do within your scope of practice as an educator.

  • We will go through the most common injuries and complaints, their assessments, and exercises so you have a full grasp of what you can do as a music educator.
  • You’ll learn how to identify what may be tight and how to stretch, what may be weak and how to strengthen (with little to no equipment)
  • Combined with your own knowledge of posture and ergonomic tweaks, you can help your students bring down the industry statistic and lead longer, stronger, healthier musical careers!

The conference is FREE! So why not take advantage?

You’ll get the handout AND the video on the page when you
CLICK HERE to access my free workshop


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