Ep. 70: We Don’t Play for Free


We Don't Play for Free


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Are you tired of hearing that musicians are broke?

I think we all are and it's not an easy solution but one of the things that perpetuates the problem is people expecting musicians to play for free and musicians accepting that.

Recently a very well-known jewelry designer put out a call for musicians to play in their brand new store. They stated they'll give you a piece of jewelry but no money, you are not allowed to ask for tips nor are you allowed to play original music.

If that's got your blood boiling you'll want to listen to this entire episode as I break down the issues, the source of the problem, and possible solutions for all of us to get out of this so we can stop having to say “we don't play for free”.

This is actually something I address in my Job Security for Musicians 2-day Intensive Workshop this weekend. If you want to get in on the movement, there's still time to register and get a $500 discount until tomorrow, Wed. July 6! Click HERE to register:


Artist Interest Application Kendra Scott Fifth+Broadway

We are looking for artists to play at our brand new Kendra Scott Fifth+Broadway location. There is a small stage, stool, with 1 mic and 1 guitar plug in.

As a corporate retailer, we are unable to pay for performances, but can gift one piece of Kendra Scott fasion jewelry. Also, as a retailer, we are not permitting performers to collect tips and/or have any mobile payment info displayed (i.e venmo, cashapp). You are welcome to display your own marketing.

We are requesting the artists we invite to play covers of well-known songs to keep the audience engaged. Starting out, each set will be 12:00-1:45PM, 2:00-3:45PM, 4:00-5:45PM, 6:00-7:45PM.

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